Marie Caci Special Events and Meetings Authority specializing in Marketing

Trying To Hire Your Next Meeting and Event Planner?
Marie is Your Solution!

If you are struggling in finding just the right meeting and event planning talent to put your organization over the top in terms of "wow" events, then you've just arrived at the solution to all of your worries.

Marie Caci, CMP, CPCE, CSEP offers up the right employer the right recipe of industry knowledge, demonstrated leadership, solid supplier connections, sterling reputation, and an ability to make that next convention absolutely... unconventional!

She'll be your "go-to" internal resource who can just as easily come up with a "breakout" event idea or pull strings and ways to make an event shine... even on a tiny budget. Chocked full with a resourceful, "can-do" attitude, Marie collaborates with internal and external stakeholders and engages in developing the best strategies that meet learning / event objectives as well as the organizational goals behind every function to create big wins.

A calm in the middle of any event storm, Marie weathers on-site stress well with the fortitude of a veteran, and can make any situation seamless to attendees, even no matter what hitches might arise on the operational side. (We all know those happen!)

So what are you waiting for? You need Marie on your team! Give her a call today at 617.688.2759 and find out how she can take your meetings and events to the next level.

Can you afford not to?